Importance of treadmill mat

Treadmill mats are as important as the treadmill machines themselves. This is one of the many accessories you should also get as you are buying your treadmill. When using a treadmill, it will surely vibrate, though silently in most instances. But the vibration can be reduced if you have a treadmill mat fitted on the treadmill.


Treadmill mat




The mat can be installed under the treadmill to reduce such vibration.  This will help to prevent your carpet and your floor from getting negatively impacted by the vibration generated by the treadmill.  This will help to reduce any annoying noise that the vibration can lead to.

Materials with which they are made

The treadmill mat can be made using various materials as long as such material can help reduce impact of the treadmill on your home floor. However, they are mostly made using rubber-based materials, either natural or artificial.  They can also be made using cellular vinyl. Some are also made from rescue tires.

Rubber, tire and cellular vinyl are long lasting products and can absorb large amount of vibration, making them able to protect the floor from cracking up and the home from getting disturbed by the noise of the vibration from your treadmill.

The best material to use is one that is green and a material that does not easily compress over time so that it can continue to soak up pressure from the vibration generated by the treadmill for a long period of time.  The perfect material is one that does not curl or indent like a foam mat would do.


Treadmill mat installation


Important things to consider before buying

  • Standard size: Treadmill mats are made in various sizes, but the standard size is 6.5 by 3 feet. This standard size is able to accommodate many of the types of treadmills around today.  You may however need a mat longer than this when dealing with treadmill machines as long as 7 feet.
  • Standard thickness: Many of the treadmill mats out there come in standard thickness of a quarter of an inch. This is the perfect choice for those treadmills that are light in weight.  Anyone who makes use of the heavier types of treadmill may have to go for something thicker than this.  In this instance, you may have to go for something as thick as 3/8 inch. The price you have to pay increases with increase in thickness.
  • Issue of cost: You also need to consider how expensive the treadmill mat is before you buy, especially if you live on a budget. There are many outlets you can buy from, but make sure you stick only with those outlets that sell at reduced rate. Make a comparison among them in terms of cost and go for those among them that sell the treadmill at considerably reduced rate. Generally, the ¼ inch thick treadmill mat will cost from $35 to $50. The thicker ones may increase by $10.
  • What to buy: Only buy relaibkle products that had been around for quite a long time. Such products can be relied on to last for long and you will get top value on every dime you spend on them.