A top performer

Sole f63 treadmill is a top performing treadmill. Are you looking for a treadmill that can perfectly fit your home or your gym? Then this is the exact treadmill to go for. It has never been known to disappoint and it will never disappoint when you use it. Things even get better when you place your order with an outlet that delivers on time. Make sure the outlet where you want to buy yours offers timely delivery.

It is fitted with so any features that makes it the best money can buy. It is designed to give you top value on every dime you spend on it. Just give it a trial today and you will never regret it.  The treadmill is very easy to maintain. It is also very easy to set up and you will not have any problem to operate it.


Sole f63 Treadmill console


In order to make things very easy for the end user, each unit is included with an end user’s manual that can direct you on how to set it up and how to operate it. The manual is written in very simple language and it will teach you what each of the controls stand for and what each part does. The manual will also direct you on how to maintain it.

Below, some of the features of this treadmill will be considered.

Its features

  • It is fitted with large stop switch, the switch makes it possible to switch off the treadmill in the event you you lose your balance while working out on the treadmill.
  • The treadmill starts running from a slow pace of 0.5 mph and the end user can adjust the speed up depending on what is convenient for him or her. This way, you will not suffer any accident of any form in the process of working out.
  • It also features low-profile running hood. You will have access to up to 6 reset programs. You will equally be able to include 2 programs by yourself. Aside this, there are 2 different programs for heart rate control. These programs will work together to give you a special experience on the treadmill when you work out.



Sole f63 Treadmill


Aside the features mentioned above, there are some other features included in the treadmill and these features are highlighted below:

  • It is fitted with cooling fan and the fan can help cool the components of the machine and also cool you while you are working out.
  • It is featured with various controls too. There is speed control and there is incline control. The speed control enables you to determine what speed you want. The incline control on the other hand helps you determine the angle of inclination you want.
  • It equally comes with inbuilt speakers. The speakers are powerful enough to enable clear hearing. The speakers are compatible with iPod, MP3 and lots more.
  • The frame is built using steel and this confers long life on the machine. It can be easily folded too and this makes it easy to store away and make more space available in the home.