Its origin

Indeed Landice treadmills are outstanding; Landice has focused on treadmills for over 35 years and has therefore mastered the field of treadmill. Landice manufactures their treadmills in USA and their treadmills are made with very good quality components and features that will provide absolutely the best workout experience for the users.


Landice Treadmill


Constant exercise is very essential, it is recommended that a moderate-intensity exercise for 150 minutes in a week should be done to keep healthy and fit and having a treadmill at home is a very great way of accomplishing this target.

Striking Features of Landice Treadmills

You will find some of the features of the Landice treadmills to be very outstanding, it is very rare to experience issues with your Landice products and the treadmills are produced to ensure that customers get true value for their money and also keep fit.

  • Their frame is made of aircraft aluminum, this frame is very light and also really strong, other joints are made of aircraft locking hardware rather than the normal welding work. The use of the aircraft locking hardware is to ensure that there is no breakage and also fatigue when the machines are used frequently
  • The treadmills also benefit from the Landice liquid steel molded flywheel which renders maximum inertia with much less weight
  • It takes a company that has absolute confidence in what they are doing to place a lifetime warranty on all parts of their products, that indeed is a proof of a tested and trusted brand
  • You will get a customer service that makes you know your worth because they will treat you like gold when you have issues that needs resolution
  • Their machines use a 4-ply belt which gives the users sufficient space to run or walk.

Models of Landice Treadmills

Indeed these machines are the best choice for true professionals and also those that appreciate quality, take time to see these striking features in their models.

Landice L770 Home ProSports Trainer


Apart from the great and amazing features, the quality of the components of this treadmill is exceptional and that is why there is a lifetime warranty on all parts of the machine. You can check out the other great features of this home use treadmill;

  • The machine uses a 3.0 HP continuous duty motor
  • It can provide 15% maximum incline
  • 20”x58” is provided as the running deck giving you great space
  • It has a weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Also provided is the wireless heart rate monitor
  • The treadmill has an aircraft grade aluminum frame
  • There is a 5 user defined programs
  • It also has a LED display console
  • VFX belt cushioning

Other models of Landice treadmills includes Landice L870 Home ProSports Trainer and Landice L9Club ProSports Trainer


Generally Landice treadmills are usually recommended by experts especially because of their familiarity with the consoles since many of their products are used in gyms and health clubs and with a very silent deck, there is no case of noise because the motor is a Baldor motor which is the best in that industry.