They have been a top brand in fitness equipment production for twenty years, being a top brand in a highly competitive market has a price and one factor that makes Precor outstanding is the extent of resources that they invest in research and development which is for the purpose of producing world class equipments that is able to effectively meet the needs of the users at very affordable rates.


Precor Treadmill


Patented Features

As a result of the finance that is channeled to research and development, Precor treadmills have several patented technology that enables their treadmills outstanding.

Footplant Technology

One amazing feature of Precor treadmills is their ergonomic designs, they are capable of following and responding to natural ergonomics of the human body and also the natural stride of the individual steps both for running or walking. This is made possible with the patented Footplant Technology which considers the acceleration and deceleration of the foot during each stride and is always adjusting the speed of the motor up to 100 times per second in order to accommodate the changes.

Patented Suspension System

This suspension system is structured to greatly enhance the decks responsiveness to the body pressure, the stride and weight of the user and this feature enhances the comfort that you get to enjoy while using the treadmill. You will surely get some features in Precor treadmills that are exclusive to them because of their innovations.

Features of Precor Treadmills

There are several features that you will find in many Precor treadmills, they are usually plain and well planned standard features;

  • Oversized deck with lots of displays
  • Reversible belt
  • A spacious and comfortable running area
  • No jerkiness since there is a great flow of stride
  • Very reliable read-outs can be found on the console and double the treadmill belt life
  • It has a very powerful motor and quality electronics

Precor Models

Their models ranges from the ones for professionals and also for beginners, a review below will showcase several striking features in their treadmills.

Precor TRM 445


They are top models in the residential series that provides for you everything that you need to get from a perfect gym machine. Check out great specifications below;

  • It has a decline and incline feature
  • There is provision for 40 workouts that is programmed with a full touch display
  • The motor is very quiet and very powerful; 3.0 HP continuous Duty motor
  • Preva workout Integration
  • Maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • SmartRate Heart Rate monitoring and it is wireless enabled
  • You get lifetime warranty on frame, there is a 10 years warranty on parts, 3 years warranty on console and 1 year on labour
  • It has a speed range of 0.5 -12 mph

You will no doubt agree that these features are the best you need to have a memorable workout, there are also other great models that also have other unique features, some of them includes;

  • Preco TRM 445
  • Precor 9.23
  • Precor 9.31


Precor 9.31


Innovation and research always makes provision for meeting needs in a more unique and easier way while providing reduced cost for the manufacturer. Precor treadmills obviously have the features and functions that will make you come back again for a workout.