Reliable duo for workouts

Treadmill and elliptical machines are among the commonest machines for cardio exercises. The two of them can be found in the gym. They are also useful for anyone who may want to venture into cardiovascular workout.  They present the best ways to burn unwanted fat. The two of them are also very helpful when you desire to improve on your aerobic capacity.

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Elliptical machine


The machines however come with various drawbacks and benefits. And these differences will be looked into in this write up. If you have never used any of the two before or if you have used only one type, you may want to know which is more durable and can give you better result with your cardiovascular workout. Below, we are going to look into the pros and cons of using either of the two machines for your workout.

The differences

  • Versatility: Treadmill is no doubt more versatile than elliptical. You will have access to varieties of options on treadmill that enables you to control the speed and time of travel. It also comes with a numerous training programs not available in elliptical.
  • Natural movement emulation: You will get better natural movement emulation with treadmill compared with what obtains in elliptical.
  • High output: Treadmill can help to work your body to enable you burn more fat than you would experience when you use elliptical.
  • Ability to bear weight: Treadmill is able to bear more weight than elliptical.
  • Long lasting use: Treadmill had been in use for a very long time now, longer than elliptical and it has grown over the years to become a very reliable and durable machine.
  • Non-impact conditioning: If you do not want your joints and other body parts to get injured or strained while working out, it is better to go for elliptical. It has better non-impact conditioning.
  • Cross training ability: The moveable handles included in elliptical machines make them the better for cross-training. This means you can exercise both the lower and upper parts of the body at the same time using elliptical machine unlike what obtains in treadmill.
  • Reverse stride: when you stride reversely, you will be able to activate other groups of muscles and this ensures good workout experience. Such reverse stride is obtainable in elliptical machine.
  • Lower perceived exercising: You will be able to work harder when you use elliptical machine compared with when you make use of treadmill machine. This way, you will be able to burn lot of calories with elliptical machine.

Which burns calories more?

Truth is treadmill has superior calories burning effect compared with elliptical. How is this so? A researched conducted at Medical College of Wisconsin revealed that using elliptical enables one to burn up to 773 calories within one hour, while using treadmill enables one to burn between 705 and 866 calories within one hour.

The above automatically places treadmill ahead of elliptical in terms of amount of calories burnt. However, you can burn fat with elliptical with minimal impact on your body, unlike what obtains when you make use of treadmill for the same purpose.