The leading brand

Sole treadmill is undoubtedly a leading treadmill in the industry. It is designed to last long and it will give you top value on every dime you spend on it. If you are looking for treadmills that can last for long and also meet with your workout needs perfectly, this is the exact treadmill to go for. It is designed to fit with your daily exercise plans.


Sole Treadmill


The treadmill will help burn off that unwanted fat and it is the perfect help mate if you desire to tone your muscle. It will help improve on your aerobic capacity and strengthen your bones. Additionally, it will help you get over those emotional challenges since it will help get rid of depression.  The benefits are so numerous and you just cannot afford not to buy one today.

Built to last for long

Each unit of the treadmill comes with long term warranty and it is fitted with cushion flex whisper deck that makes workout very interesting and comfortable.  Treadmills are known to have impact on the joints and may cause some pain in those areas of the body, but this is never the case when you use the sole treadmill; it is designed in such a way that impact on the joints is reduced by up to 40%.

The features in the treadmill are unlike what you will get in any other treadmill out there. It is equally fitted with a very powerful motor that can run as fast as 12 mph. The treadmill can be inclined up to 15 degree and it will give you the impression of running up hill.


Technological considerations

  • The sole treadmill comes with folding deck and this means it can be folded into a compact shape that enhances easy storage.
  • The controls are highly convenient too. The treadmill comes with a control console built in a streamlined manner to add to the beauty of the machine. The console features controls like inclined adjustment buttons and quick speed. The console is an LCD touchscreen display
  • Cushion flex whisper deck installed in the machine is a proprietary stealth technology that ensures you can workout without much impact on your knees and joints. It also ensures you can workout quietly and comfortably.
  • The precision welded frame is built to last long. It is highly durable and it is capable of handling consistent use by you and other members of your family, perspective of their weighs or heights.
  • Integrated message board installed on the treadmill ensures messages are sent to you to provide needed guidance while carrying out any of the pre—installed workouts.
  • The high torque motor comes with flywheel and this comes with heavy duty chassis.
  • The belts are two ply belts and they have 4 layers. There are two layers made of rubber lying over a middle layer made of PVC. It also has a nylon backing and this rolls right over the roller and deck. The rubbers are highly durable and the PVC helps in preventing the overstretching of the belt.  The static free surface of the belt is ensured by the nylon.
  • The machine is able to bear human weight up to 375 pounds.