Beautifully made for you

Golds gym treadmill is simply sleek and beautiful to behold. Its design is also simple, but its functions are simply wonderful. It comes with all the features and fittings that will make your work out to work out. Just buy one today and you will never regret for once. The treadmill is designed to give top value for money. It is very durable and it is designed to last long. It is designed with steel and it is therefore able to last for long.


Golds Gym Treadmill


Each unit of the treadmill comes with long warranty period and this is an assurance of top quality. Just give it a trial today and you will never regret it. Considering the features and designs of the golds gym treadmill, it is relatively affordable and it will not put a hole in your pocket.

Why is it the best?

The golds gym treadmill is one cardiovascular machine that can help get rid of that unwanted fat within the shortest period possible. Its design is encouraging enough; you will always be prompted to workout and you will start seeing the benefits in no time at all. It is the best tool for keeping in shape. Each unit of the machine comes with up to 16 workout programs. You can choose any of the programs that best suits your workout plan. It comes with loads of features that will make workout simply wonderful.

One of the several features is the QuickSelect control and this makes it easy to change the speed of movement to any particular speed that suits you best. You can also use the control to select any conveniently incline angle. The control is at your fingertip.  Your pace also can be easily set using this control.  Below, a number of other features that makes the golds gym treadmill one of the best for your cardiovascular workout will be highlighted.

Some important features of golds gym treadmill

  • The golds gym treadmill comes with long term warranty. You are given guarantee on what you have bought and you can return it if the content does not meet up with what you have ordered for.
  • The treadmill is able to bear up to 300 pound human weight. It is not advisable for anyone bigger than this to use the treadmill.
  • The machine equally features special cushioning that makes your exercise very comfortable and more productive.
  • The 16 workout apps installed in the machine are very easy to understand and carry out.
  • The treadmill also comes with a special sound system to keep you entertained while using the treadmill. The sound system is iPod-compatible and of high quality.
  • The treadmill weighs about 159 pounds.
  • It is 67 inches in length.

Important things to note


Easy to fold


The machine is very easy to install. Each unit of golds gym treadmill comes with end user’s installation manual that can direct you on the installation. The maintenance is also very easy. You do not need any special expertise to maintain it. In fact, everything you need regarding maintenance is included in the user’s manual.