You can move from a sedentary lifestyle to a running lifestyle with the use of the Couch to 5 training program, the target time is actually in 9 weeks. The program was designed by Josh Clark and it was published on a popular training website which is Cool Running.

This training requires 3 days in a week and a total of nine weeks and while the session lasts, you will need to walk at some point and run at some point which has an interval measured by time or distance. Usually the final goal is to cover 5k or run for 30 minutes without having to walk.

Features of couch to 5K Program

The 5K program enables the user to gradually learn to run a longer distance, according to Josh Clark, “too many people have been turned off of running simply by trying to start off too fast” based on this belief, the program gives you a gradual approach to running to encourage beginners and also help them stay focused. These features show how the program is executed.

  • It is a 9-week program which is meant for beginners
  • Each of the workouts lasts for a period of 30-40 minutes which includes warm-up and cool-down periods
  • The program keeps track of the workout history of the user
  • You will be able to listen to music while running
  • Program costs $2.99 dollars when you obtain it from itunes
  • The program will need an iPhone OS 4.3 or a later version and it is compatible with iPad Touch, iPad, iPhone and also very compatible with the android devices.

Couch 5K and Treadmill

There are two ways that you can start running with the Couch 5K program, you can install the program on your mobile device and use it alongside the treadmill, while you get the training instructions and also update the progress made through your mobile device. You can install the itunes application on treadmills that have good internet access and a good user interface; this will make it much easier to see the next training exercise.

5k treadmill run

Typical 5K Treadmill Workout program


Benefits of Couch 5k Program

The program has several benefits that will enable anyone that aspires to start running to do so within the stated time, you will find some of the benefits below.

  • When you run specific short distances or when you have short time goals while running, you will avoid mental burnout and any form of injury or stress
  • The application is quite easy to navigate and it can be set up easily
  • There are customizable features like audio alerts and users can play their own music while running
  • Because the application is compatible with Nike+, you can record and also share your workouts if you desire to do so
  • You can get visual and audio cues which directs you on when to walk or run
  • When you combine this feature with the calorie counter, you can easily check the level of calorie burned which will greatly help with weight loss


Even though it is not meant for everyone, you can always adjust the program to suit your personal needs, this is because there are people with health issues that may not keep up with the trainings but you can use it with discretion.