Best for your workout

Reebok is a household name when it comes to sports products. This company had been around for quite a while and they have been able to cut a niche for themselves as a company that produces top class products with top quality. If you want long lasting sports products, then reebok products are the products to go for. Do you need to buy top quality treadmills? Never hesitate to buy reebok treadmills.


Reebok treadmill


This brand is designed to give top quality on every dime you spend on it and you will never regret buying it. It is designed to last long too. Its installation and control are very easy. Additionally, it is very easy to manage and maintain. Repair is not often if you maintain it well.  This write up will look into some of the features of the reebok treadmills that makes it very special and a best buy for anyone who wants to lose fat and build muscle.

Its special features

Reebok treadmill is very easy to fold. Consequently, you will be able t to pack it into a compact shape and store it in any corner of the home to ensure it does not get in the way. This also enhances its mobility. It is the best to meet with those challenging exercising needs.

The treadmill comes with up to 15 workout programs. It can also be inclined up to 31 different levels. The inclination can be adjusted and controlled electronically. There are up to 15 inclination levels possible. Each unit of the machine comes with a very powerful 2 hp motor and the motor can work continuously for hours on end.

The motor provides the needed power for the belt to function in line with your expectations. The belt can run up to 11 mph top speed; that is around 18 kph.  The platform is 52 inches long and also 17.7 inches wide. This provides large enough platform to carry out your workout. You can therefore work out conveniently.



Some other features aside the above will be highlighted below:

  • The reebok treadmills are included with a number of safety features. For one, it is well cushioned and this ensures impact on your joints and knees are reduced a great deal. It is fitted with up to 6 cushions. You can therefore exercise more conveniently.
  • It comes with an LCD display dual color and backlit. The display is user friendly. And it gives the necessary feedbacks on your heart rate, the angle of incline, your pulse rate; the amount of calories already burnt, the distance you have traveled, the time you have spent and the speed of travel.
  • You will have access to up to 24 different workout programs too. These programs are bodyfat programs, 3 target programs and 3 user-defined programs.
  • The machine weighs up to 85 kg or 187 pounds
  • It comes with 2 years warranty on the labor and the parts, while the steel frame comes with lifetime warranty. The machine features cooling fan too for the engine and for the person working out.