Down memory lane

 In 1993, Nathan Edelson came up with a great idea, he proposed having a desk that can adapt to a treadmill and proceeded to patent a lightweight portable model of desk that can be used for a treadmill. Treadmill desks refer to the integration of a computer desk with a treadmill, they are usually made to allow the user walk while performing any task in the office which includes computer work.

This kind of work arrangement is most suitable for people with sedentary lifestyle since they are much prone to heart diseases and also diabetes. Recent studies that were conducted has shown that sitting for a long time can increase the risks of heart disease.

wow_treadmill_deskTreadmill desk


The use of treadmill renders a greater level of physical activities to help keep the worker fit while performing their office duties. The first treadmill was designed in 1996 by Dr Seth Roberts who is a professor of psychology. And in the year 2009, TrekDesk was introduced into the market as the first treadmill desks that have an adjustable height with a universal design that can conveniently fit any treadmill.

Benefits of Treadmill Desks

There are several benefits that the use of treadmill desks can provide, majority of them are health benefits;

  • Based on a study that was conducted by James Levine at Mayo Clinic, it was revealed that users of the desks can burn about 100-130 calories per hour when they walk at a speed which is slower than 2 miles per hour
  • Records from a study conducted by Mayo clinic in the year 2007, noted that if the total time spent sitting while working on the computer in the office will be replaced by walking-and –working, there will be an increase of the energy expended by 100Calories per hour which will lead to weight loss
  • Walking while working is a great way to avoid boredom in the office
  • It provides a means of exercising for people that may not have time to exercise at home

Features of Treadmill Desks

There are several features that are included in the treadmill to ensure that they are effective in providing workouts for office workers and also enable them work undistracted.

  • They are equipped with several safety features which is meant to reduce the case of injuries, there is a safety key that attaches the console to a clothing on the user, whenever there is a need for the user to immediately stop the treadmill belt, the key will be pulled
  • There are treadmill desks that have been programmed to stop when the user has stepped down for a time frame of 20 seconds
  • Several treadmill desks are adjustable to suit the height of the user

Facts to Consider

There are many facts that you need to consider when buying treadmill desks, these facts will help you make a good choice.


  • You should ensure that the height is adjustable so as to allow for multiple users
  • Some treadmill desks can produce much noise while working, you need to choose one with minimal noise to avoid distraction
  • Ensure the motor of is a good quality motor, the motor needed for walking will be stronger than the one needed for running since the walking treadmill will have more weight exerted by the user


The benefits of walking while working favours the health of the worker most and for people who have a very tight working time that may not find time to exercise before going to the office, the treadmill desks will be a perfect solution.