Why it stands out

Pro form treadmill will prove to be one of the best in terms of quality and reliability. It is one of the few treadmills around that can give top value on every dime spent on it. It is designed with the comfort and suitability of the end user in mind. It is designed to meet your needs for fat burning and muscle toning. Just give it a trial today and you will never regret it.

Many end users have come to appreciate it due to its durability and top class features. You too will surely grow to love the treadmill. It is relatively cheap in comparison with other treadmills in the same category. It is also very easy to operate. Each unit comes with end user manual that gives you all the directions you need to install it, set it up and operate it. Maintenance is also very easy.


Proform treadmill


Below, some of the features that make this treadmill to stand out will be discussed.

Its features

If you are looking for a tech-savvy treadmill, the pro form treadmill is the best to go for. It is hi-tech in all sense of the word. It comes with top class features you may never find in many other type of treadmills out there.  Up to 24 workout apps are built into this treadmill and you can choose any of them that suit you at any time. Each of these apps will help you burn fat and tone your muscle and improve on your aerobic capacity within a very short period of time.

It equally features a LED display. The display is a multi-window affair.  This intimates you on your heart rate, pulse pressure, distance covered, speed at which you are traveling and the time. It also shows you the amount of calories you have burnt. The pro form treadmill is iPod–compatible and it is also compatible with iFit Live.



Some of the additional features of this treadmill are highlighted below

  • The belt is well cushioned and it is built with advanced system. This helps to reduce pressure on your joints and your knees. Therefore, you will be able to exercise more conveniently without developing injuries.
  • It LED display is multi-window and it can therefore show you all the updates about your workout.
  • The pro form treadmill can run up to 12 mph.
  • It is also easily foldable. It can be folded into a compact shape and this makes storage very easy.
  • The pro form treadmill is equally motorized. It is fitted with top quality rollers to enable you move it around easily from one room to the other.
  • The SpaceSaver fold-away design makes it very easy to store in any corner of the home and it will never get in the way.
  • The treadmill is able to bear human weight up to 325 pounds.
  • Each unit comes with long term warranty.
  • Its motor is top class and can therefore work silently and smoothly.
  • The machine, on its own, weighs about 220 pounds.
  • The LED display is 6 inches wide.