Hallmark of simplicity

Nordic track treadmill is one of the simplest treadmills ever made. It is made in the simplified manner and it will therefore not occupy much space in the home. If you are looking for the perfect cardio workout treadmill, then this is the perfect treadmill to go for. It has all the features that will make your workout an interesting one.


Nordic Track Treadmill


The treadmill is equally included with lots of safety features to protect you and prevent mishaps or injuries in the course of your workout. It comes with loads of control options that enable you monitor how your workout plays out. The machine is effective and adds fun to workout. It is very easy to purchase and it is very easy to maintain. It is possible to also get free home delivery, depending on the outlet where you may your purchase.

Each unit is included with end user manual and the manual is prepared in very simple language and in an easy to understand manner to make it very easy for you to install and to use the treadmill. Additionally, the information needed to maintain the nordic track treadmill is made available in this end user manual. The treadmill is very easy to maintain.  Each unit comes with long term warranty too.


Special features of the nordic track treadmill

  • For one, the treadmill comes with a special drive system with peak horsepower of 2.2.
  • Its running surface is relatively large and this makes it comfortable for the individual.
  • Its folding mechanism is very easy and this makes it easy to store in any corner of the home. It can be folded into a highly compact shape that does not take any unnecessary space in the home.
  • The folding can be done safely without any hitch thanks to the soft drop system that comes with it.
  • The machine comes with up to 9 workout programs. You are free to change to any of the programs at any point in time
  • The control is also very easy. You can get a better understanding of things by going through the end user’s manual
  • The machine features LCD display too to give you first hand information about how you are performing, regarding your heart rate, pulse pressure and other related information.
  • Additionally, you will have access to tablet or phone holder on the nordic track treadmill to ensure your mobile device is kept close by in the event it is needed in the course of the workout.
  • Most other treadmills come with factor made inclined angle, but this treadmill is designed differently in that you have the freedom to choose any inclined level that you feel will be perfect for your exercise. You can choose among 3 inclined levels depending on what is comfortable for you.
  • The nordic track treadmill is designed to bear up to 220 pounds of human weight.
  • You have never come by a better way to lose that unwanted abs fat.
  • The unit itself weighs up to 103 pounds.
  • It is equally 62.2 inches in length.