A must buy

The treadmill doctor is the perfect tool kit to enable you repair and to maintain your treadmill machine any time and day. They are included with all the things you need to put the treadmill back in shape when it develops fault.

All new treadmills come with warranty when you buy. The warranty varies, depending on the particular part of the treadmill. The frame is usually made of steel and it can come with lifetime warranty at times. There are other times when the frame only comes with about 5-year warranty. The motor on the other hand comes with a shorter warranty period and the same goes for the belt.




During the warranty period, you will have access to repairs and other technical supports regarding the machine you have bought. This is also subject top if you have not touched any of the components of the treadmill, which may void the warranty and you will be made to pay for repairs.

Ease of repair and maintenance

After the warranty period, you may need to carry out some repairs and maintenance tasks by yourself. You can decide to contact any of the experts out there to help out and you can decide to get things done by yourself.

Truth is the repairs are not really so difficult to get done. All you need is the right tool and the right information. You can get the right repair and maintenance information in end user’s manual included with the unit of treadmill you have bought.

The treadmill doctor will provide the right tools to use for the repair or maintenance. The kit contains practically everything needed to change those replaceable parts of the treadmill and also carry out simple repairs. However, there are times you may have to hand things over to the experts when the fault is beyond what the treadmill doctor can handle.

Parts of the treadmill doctor kit

treadmill doctor

The kit actually comes with 5 parts and they are highlighted below:

  1. End user manual that clearly explains how to go about using the kit. It will also tell you when you are supposed to use each of the items included in it.
  2. It is included with belt dressing that can be used in conditioning and cleaning off the drive belt of the treadmill
  3. It is equally included with 2 lube doses and this can easily fit between the unit and the walking belt.
  4. It also features belt cleaner and this can be used for cleaning the walking belt. The kit contains enough belt cleaner to last for four cleanings.
  5. Compressed air can and this is handy for the purpose of blowing any dust off the areas of the treadmill that are somewhat hard to reach.

The treadmill doctor is designed to be used for long and it is able to keep your treadmill functioning for long.

How to buy yours

You can order for the treadmill doctor right online. Many of the outlets selling are ever willing to provide free home delivery and this will reduce the cost of purchase. Make sure you only patronize an outlet selling at affordable rate and top quality.