Highly exceptional

There are great features that make Life Fitness treadmills exceptional and of a very great value when compared to other brands, the machines are built for high performance with great features such as big horsepower and striking profile.


Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Treadmill


Having a good reputation for excellence with both treadmills, elliptical and stationary bike, their models are built to meet the budgets of different segments of the society and also different types of users ranging from professionals to casual users and for family use. With the drop in the price of many Life Fitness treadmills models, everyone that truly desires to cut down calories will be able to afford it.

Features of Life Fitness Treadmills

The true worth of their models is in the quality of certain parts of the treadmill which is key to its performance; you will find some of the features below;

  • Their motor is a continuous-duty motor which is paired with a custom motor controller board
  • The system is kept in good condition with the use of an advanced cooling system
  • The motor of the treadmills have a lifetime warranty and you may really not need that because they are indeed top quality
  • There are big rollers and great belt type which will help to alleviate any strain on the motor
  • The maintenance of the treadmill is quite low

Models of Life Fitness Treadmills

The models have different price ranges which could be for professionals and also for those at the entry level, some great models include;

Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Treadmill

Indeed the price of this machine is quite on the high side but the features of this treadmill will make you overlook the price because it is indeed value for money. Find out why this treadmill is expensive

  • There are 3 different gym quality consoles to select from; Explore which has a 7” LCD non-touch screen, the second one is Discover SI which has an internet enabled 10 inches screen and the third is Discover SE which comes with a 19 inches screen, integrated television and also internet enabled
  • You have 42 workouts to make a selection
  • There is internet and app syncing
  • There is a lifetime warranty on frame, motor and shock absorbers and 10 years warranty on parts and 1 year labour warranty
  • It provides a speed range of 0.5 -12 mph
  • Provides 0-15 percent incline in 0.5 percent increments
  • The size of the tread belt is 22”x60”
  • It has a Lifepulse Digital Contact HR monitoring to help monitor your heart rate as you workout
  • This treadmill has a weight capacity of 400 lb
  • The motor is 4.0 CHP Continuous Duty DC MagnaDrive Motor
  • It comes with wireless internet capability

There are other models that are not as expensive as Platinum series but will also provide you great features and service, some of them can be found below;

  • The very affordable F1 and the F2 folding treadmills
  • T3 and T5 non-folding treadmills
  • Life Fitness T7-0


T5 non-folding treadmills


Keeping fit has several benefits and doing your workout in your home can help you overcome several distractions that you may encounter while going out. You also have the chance to exercise and at the same time multi task if you want. There will always be a treadmill for you considering the price slashes and also great features that you get to enjoy.