Make your cat fit

Some would say what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. The same can be said about the issue of cat treadmill. Humans do have their own special treadmills and dogs do have theirs. Considering this, should there be any reason why a cat should also not have a treadmill dedicated to its use? Not giving the cat its own would amount to human inhumanity to cats.


Cat Treadmill


There are quite a number of treadmills or exercise wheels made especially or cats. Just like the human tread mil enables man to build muscle and burn fat, the cat treadmill also has same effect on cats. The human treadmill helps man to improve on cardiovascular health and the same can be said about the cat treadmill on the cardiovascular health of the cats.

Other benefits

What are the other benefits of the cat treadmill to your cat? These benefits will be discussed below.

Cats can get bored most times and one of the best ways to get rid of such boredom is to buy them the cat treadmill. It will help get rid of boredom and keep the cat active and alive.  Stimulating the environment of the cat will ensure the cat is at the top of its game all the time and one of the best ways to get the environment stimulated is by placing the cat inside a cat treadmill.

While you can get the environment stimulated via giving the cat safe toys or making the cat to climb places, none of them can get  the environment adequately stimulated like the cat treadmill.  It is not every time the cat will be able to view or chase squirrel and birds.  It is not every time the cat will be able scratch posts of climb them. But you can always ensure consistency in the cats activeness by placing it in the cat treadmill.


Important features

Below, some important features of the cat treadmill will be highlighted.

  • The cat treadmill can only be used by one cat at a time.
  • It runs fast enough to get the cat highly excited.
  • The speed of the treadmill can be regulated and his is determined by you. You can decide on the perfect speed for the cat depending on how active your cat is or what the perfect capacity of that particular cat is.
  • It is best for exercising the cat and keeping it active
  • It will work on the cardiovascular system of the cat, improve on its blood flow and enhances aerobic capacity of the cat. As a result, the cat is able to run faster and also run for longer period of time.
  • They are made available in different colors and you can chose any color that you prefer
  • The cat treadmill is made available in different sizes and you can go for any that perfectly suits the size of your cat.
  • It comes in different weight too.


The cat may not like the idea of working out in this treadmill at the initial stage, but it will adapt with time if you do not give up. You may try to encourage the cat every way possible to take a liking to the cat treadmill.