Go for the best

When next you want to buy treadmill, never go for just any product on the market, but make sure you go for the best you can find. The best may be expensive, you will be assured of top value on every dime you spend on it.

Go for True

One of the best treadmills you can ever find in the market today is none other than true treadmill. As its name implies, it is true to nature. It is undoubtedly among the best you can ever find out there. It has all the characteristics of a top performing treadmill. You might have come by great treadmills in the past, but there are some special features that makes this one out of this world. Some of those special features will be discussed later in this write up.

true-es900-treadmillTrue treadmill


Highly affordable

To make things more interesting, the true treadmill is not expensive in the least; it is among the cheapest you can ever find and it also adds top quality, making it one of the best treadmills money can buy. It will give you top value on money spent on it. Never waste your time in search of top performing treadmills anymore; just go for the true treadmill and you will never regret it.

What are its special features?

For one, the true treadmill had been around for a very long time and that in itself is a sign that it had consistently maintained top quality. It has also been certified by Treadmill Doctor as a Best Buy treadmill and this had been the case for several years. It is designed to meet with the needs of end users with various levels of fitness.

The monitoring is very simple and its installation is easy to get done. The treadmill features an LCD display, which is touchscreen. The information made available on the display is very easy to read and interpret. The quick keys on it also ensures fast control in case of emergency. Its data feedback features too is something worthy of note.

The machine has a number of fitness programs installed on it. These programs are adequately challenging and can help you lose fat on time and also build muscle within a rather short period of time.  Every tool you require for ultimate achievement in your workout are provided in this treadmill.


There are a number of other very important features you need to be aware of in this treadmill. These other features are highlighted below:

Other important features

  • Each unit of the true treadmill comes with orthopedic belt and this can be useful for those who do not want the treadmill to have much impact on their joints. Do not forget that one of the limitations of treadmills is that they tend to have strong impact on the joints. Using the orthopedic belt will help to increase your comfort during the workout.
  • The materials used in manufacturing it are of commercial-grade.
  • It is fitted with some of the best components around.
  • It has an enhanced level of durability.
  • The running surface is fairly large and ensures complete freedom and comfort while using it.