Pleasurable in function

Freemotion treadmill is one treadmill designed to give you all the imaginable pleasures ever derivable from a treadmill. If you have been kept away from working out because of one fear or the other, this workout machine will make the idea of working out more interesting and more enticing. The treadmill is designed specially to take the fear off working out.


Freemotion Treadmill


It is designed to make you fall in love with working out. It has all the features you can ever expect from a treadmill. If no treadmill had appealed to you up to this moment, it is high time you considered this treadmill. You will surely fall in love with the idea of workout at first sight of the freemotion treadmill.

The special features

The treadmill comes with loads of features apps hinted earlier. These features are all designed to make working out very interesting. While you are working out, you can at the same time be watching any of your favorite shows, irrespective of where the show is being aired around the globe. There is no better workout motivation that this.

The treadmill is compatible with iFit technology, MP3 and iPod. This enhances connectivity and top level entertainment while you work walk, jog or run on the treadmill. With iFit connectivity, you can easily create route or terrain you want from anywhere on the globe using Google Maps. The treadmill will adjust the incline angle automatically to match with what obtains in that particular terrain.

The treadmill comes with a powerful 3.0 HP motor and it has proved itself to be the best for treadmills. The motor can speed the treadmill up to 12 mph. The platform can be elevated  up to 15 degree to the horizontal. The treadmill can be folded into a compact form and then stored away when it is not in use. It can be brought out again and stretched out for use when needed. Your security is 100% when you use this treadmill.


Aside the above features, the freemotion treadmill also comes with a number of very important features and these features are highlighted below.

  • Freemotion treadmill features a console 10 inches in width. This console displays your work out history. It tells you how much calories you have burnt, how far you have travelled, your heart rate at any particular time, your pulse rate and the speed at which you are travelling. The console is touchscreen.
  • Aside the console, the treadmill equally features a 15 inches HDTV and this gives you access to your favourite movies and shows. No better workout motivation than this.
  • The treadmill comes with up to 40 different workout programs and they are put together by experts in personal training.
  • The platform can be adjusted to meet with your needs. You can either decline or incline it to suit your needs.
  • The belt is also well cushioned. This way, impacts on your knees and other joints will be reduced a great deal when you workout on the treadmill.
  • The treadmill is easily foldable too as hinted earlier. It can be folded and stored in any corner of the home till the time you need it again.