Best home workout option

For those that may have a very tight schedule which may not enable them go out for a workout, the treadmill is a very great alternative, the treadmill is built to provide a platform for people to run or walk without leaving the house and also staying in the same location.

Early treadmills where used to harness the power of animals or humans in executing several works like grinding grain in a mill. They were also used as a source of punishment device which was used for people that were sent to the prison.


Nordictrack Treadmill


With the use of a belt a platform where people can walk or run is provided, as the belt moves to the rear it provides a speed that the user will need to synchronize with and the user can adjust the speed to suit personal preferences. They treadmill has several models;

  • Motor driven treadmills
  • Manual treadmills

The manual treadmills will require that the user pushes the belt to propel it into moving, they are simpler, lighter and also less expensive.  The motor driven are propelled by an electric motor that moves the platform where the user walks or run.

Models of Nordic track Treadmills

There are great models you can get from Nordic track, they are all great qualities but with different features that satisfies different individual needs.

Nordic Track Elite 9700 Pro


This treadmill has several features that makes workout much easier and interesting for the user, some of the striking features include;

  • A HD video workouts , it adjusts automatically to the terrain while the touch screen displays the scenery
  • You can browse the internet, check your mail because it has an internet browser feature
  • The treadmill has a feature called IFit , this feature enables you to keep record of your progress and also exercise and it is powered by Google Maps
  • You have up to 42 workout programs to choose from.

Nordic Track Commercial 2450


This is another great model from Nordic track with very attractive features;

  • This treadmill has an inbuilt television which has a size of 15 inches, this allows you to watch the television while running or walking
  • It also possesses an integrated sound system which comprises of an audio port and a 3 inch speakers which is can be used for playing music
  • There are 40 workout selections and the workout programs were designed by certified personal trainers
  • The motor it uses is 4.0 CHP

Benefits of Treadmill

There are great benefits that you can derive from using the treadmills, read through to find out some of these benefits.

  • It helps maintain a very healthy musculoskeletal system and this includes the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints and it also helps to prevent age related bone loss
  • The use of treadmills help to maintain joint flexibility
  • You can improve your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your heart which will reduce blood pressure
  • Constant walking which includes the use of treadmills helps to reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure
  • For those with weight issues, you can burn off lots of calories while walking


The US Department of health and Human Services has actually recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise weekly and walking is a very great option to meet this standard and you can achieve this walking exercise using a treadmill