One common function of both types of exercise equipment is that they help you to exercise and workout which burns your calories but do they perform at the same level or are there differences in the level of their effectiveness. Elliptical machines and treadmills are good machines that obviously help with cardiovascular workout even though they may have advantages and disadvantages.




Positive features of Treadmill

The treadmill has several features that make it very effective in cardiovascular workout and which helps differentiate it from the elliptical machines; the analysis below is going to highlight the benefits of the treadmill machines over the Elliptical machines in workouts.

  • The treadmill is very versatile with several features andTreadmill
  • Qs like jogging, running, walking and also provides the resources to increase the intensity of the exercise as it progresses
  • The treadmill can actually emulate natural movements which also enables the user to have variety of movements
  • Workout with the treadmill helps to burn calories at a very high level since you will need to propel your body weight whenever you want to exercise and this requires much effort
  • Because of the experience and research that has been invested in treadmills which has been in existence for quite a long time, they are obviously the best cardio equipment that you can get which is always seen in gyms and therefore

Treadmill Cons

There are some features in the treadmill that makes the elliptical a good choice for some people; you can find some of them below;

  • Treadmills can raise safety issues especially with the high intensity training like incline sprints, when the skill level of the user is not adequate to exercise with such level of intensity, it could affect the user
  • Several studies reveal that people can actually change the way they walk or run because of the size of the belt of the treadmill and this could cause posture problems and muscle imbalances, however this could be avoided with higher quality treadmills.
  • Running on an incline is a difficult task and people may opt for a more comfortable machine that will help them burn their calories
  • Running on the treadmill can also put pressure on the spine, knee, hips and also ankle joints and most especially when you do not warm up or use it for sometime

The Benefits of Elliptical



Elliptical machine


There are also many features that make elliptical peoples favourite, some of these features also are benefits of the elliptical machines over the treadmills.

  • The use of the elliptical machine allows your body to assume a running position and does not cause any strain on the joints which is obtained in treadmills
  • Several elliptical machines have features that help you to exercise both the upper and lower parts of the body with the use of the moveable handles
  • With the reverse stride feature, different muscles groups in the body can be activated and also more emphasis can be placed on your quads
  • It can burn calories with less effort for the users, results from studies reveal that people really work harder than they perceive

Elliptical cons

Several points make people choose the treadmills over the elliptical, read on to find out

  • They are less dynamic since there are less features which could have made it more effective like the incline and features that will increase the intensity
  • Operating an elliptical especially on the lower levels enables you to use the machines momentum to power the machine which lowers exercise intensity
  • Weight bearing exercises aid the strengthening of the bones and elliptical machines lack the weight bearing effect

While elliptical machines can improve cardiovascular health with less impact, the treadmills help you workout of your comfort zone.