Why they stand out

Costco renders a variety of merchandise in warehouses where you can buy items of great quality and different models. In the year 2014, Costco was the third largest retailer in United States and in the year 2015, it became the second largest retailer in the world and also the largest membership warehouse club chain in US.

You can get treadmills from great brands at very great prices at Costco, because one of the major focuses of Costco is selling their goods at very low prices and high volume. With a total of 674 warehouses in US, there is always a warehouse close to you where you can pick up a treadmill at affordable prices.

Brands of Treadmill at Costco

You can find great treadmill brands at Costco depending on your budget and specification, you can find below some brands that you can get at Costco below:

ProForm Performance 500 Treadmill


You can buy this amazing machine from Costco and to understand the features and specifications of the treadmill, read through the features below

  • The treadmill has onboard Calorie Workouts
  • The 8-week progressive workout that was packaged by Jillian Michaels who is one of the toughest trainers in US is ideal for starters
  • It has a compatible music port for iPod, it also has volume control and two 2” built-in-speaker
  • One of the great benefits of this ProForm treadmill is that it has 15 bonus performance workouts which was designed by certified personal trainer
  • There is a 0-10 Mph quick speed control which enables you to change the speed by simply pressing a button
  • It also has 0-10% Quick incline control which helps you to increase the intensity of your training, higher inclines can easily help you to burn calories faster
  • With a 2.8 horsepower motor, you will have less noise while using the machine

Other great brands of treadmill that you get from Costco can be found below:

  • Life Fitness F1 Smart Folding Treadmill
  • FreeMotion T6.2 Treadmill
  • HealthRider SoftStrider Crosswalk Treadmill
  • ProForm Sport 6.0 Treadmill
  • FreeMotion 800 Treadmill



FreeMotion 800 Treadmill


Buying Tips

When buying a treadmill from Costco, you need to know the features of a good treadmill that will suit you; every treadmill has great advantages that they provide the user. There are treadmills that are ideal for runners, while there are ideal treadmills for walkers, find some tips below.

  • Runners should buy a machine with high speeds starting from 10 mph which is good for fast interval training
  • Runners should look for treadmills with an incline of 12 degrees for uphill running
  • Having a treadmill with great display of distance covered, speed and pace of exercise will help runner
  • The power of the motor for runners should be from 2.5 to 3.0 hp
  • You need a treadmill with a long conveyor belt to aid your running

Users of treadmill that want to walk most of the time should consider some of these points:

  • The maximum speed of the treadmill should be 8 mph that is if you are planning to walk fast
  • A treadmill with a firm deck will be a good advantage since it will simulate outside walking to avoid injuries
  • The speed of the motor should be between 1.5 and 2.0 hp and the length of the deck should be 54” with a width of 18”

At Costco, you will be sure of a great customer service and also prices that you may not get anywhere again. The quality of the treadmills is always great and provides more added features with slight price increment.