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Incline treadmills are treadmills that are able to provide more intense training for people when they work out, the running platform of the treadmill is projected upwards providing an uphill running or walking position which helps to increase the amount of calories that your body will burn.


Incline treadmill


Using the incline while walking with the treadmill can burn more calories than walking on a flat surface within the same time frame. There are several benefits that the use of incline treadmills will provide, read on to find out some of the benefits

Benefits of Incline Treadmills

There are several benefits that you get when you use the incline treadmills; you can find some of them below:

  • According to a personal trainer Jillian Michaels, training at 40% incline will burn five times the calorie of walking on a flat surface, the more the incline you set the more calories you will burn within the same time
  • The use of an incline is a very good way of toning the muscles of the calves and hamstrings
  • They are less stressful for your joints because they are able to position your body weight effectively and since you are not running, there is also less stress on your joints and you still get to burn more calories because the steeper the incline the more your metabolic rate increases
  • When you work at intensities of 75% of your age-predicted maximal heart rate or even higher it will help in greatly improving your cardiovascular fitness
  • You can burn more fat when walking on an incline treadmill than walking on a flat terrain, according to Freemotion Fitness, walking 3 miles per hour on super incline trainer that was raised to between 16% and 18% incline will burn 70% more fat than running with no incline

Nordic Track Incline Trainer X9i


A very good example of Incline treadmills is the Nordic Track Incline Trainer X9i which has very striking features that will provide you with the best training programs and great comfort. You will find below several features of the treadmill

  • This incline trainer can be use as a flat treadmill and also can be tilted up to 40% and declined 6% with an 8 inches console fan which will help to power you through the workout
  • This treadmill has a Reflex Cushioning which provides a firm push off point and a much softer landing point.
  • It comes with a 3.0 hp motor which is a commercial quality, less noise and it has a lifetime warranty
  • One of the great features of the treadmill is the touch screen and internet browser, the screen is a 10” touch screen which will enable you to multi-task like checking your mails and even responding to mails and also utilize the Google street view.
  • There are amazing programs built into the console, a total of 44 programs which includes incline programs that mainly aims at burning calories, and also speed and intensity goals
  • It also features IFit Live for effective training
  • The Nordic Track Incline trainer has a heart rate monitor with the use of sensors on the handle bar

Although it may seem tougher to walk on an incline but it can help you in many ways within a short time, incline treadmills are not the most expensive models but they have price ranges that are based on their features and quality.