Knowing the level of calorie that you burn while exercising can serve several purposes, firstly it can serve as a motivator since you are encouraged when you see the progress that you have made while training. Secondly it can help you to organize your life since you are better informed of the level of calories and also you could diet and also decide on the extent you will go to keep fit.

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Treadmill Calorie Calculator


Benefits of Calorie Calculator

Many treadmills have a calorie calculator as part of the treadmill and there are great benefits that they provide the treadmill user, you will find some of the benefits below very useful

Weight Loss

Having to monitor the level of calories that you burned while exercising, will help you monitor you weight gain or weight loss. As you workout, most treadmills are able to keep records of the progress that you make every time you workout and this information will help you improve where there is need for improvement and also work on your diet. According to National Weight Control Registry, 74% of people of that are successful in weight loss keep track of their daily food intake.

Source of Review

With the information you get from the treadmill calories calculator, you will be able to know the level of success or failure in your workout and make a better decision on other things that you can do to get the much desired results. It can also help you make decision on your diet, when you are constantly gaining weight even when you exercise then having a more healthy diet aimed at improving the calorie level will be initiated

How to Burn Calories with Treadmills

There are several ways to workout with the treadmill, you can run, walk or jog with the treadmill but for you to effectively reduce your calorie level there are ways it can be done effectively;

  • You can burn more calories by increasing the intensity of the workout, increasing the intensity is not about the speed but intensity is achieved with an incline feature of the treadmill. When the treadmill is inclined, you will burn more calories within the same time and also experience less stress on your joints
  • It is true that you burn more calories while jogging at a slower speed than when you run at a faster speed. The heavier a person the more calories the person will burn since it will require more energy to lift the heavy body
  • One good way to burn calories is to walk and run and also drive yourself to high intensity levels on a moderate speed since the higher speed range does not ensure that you burn more calories


When buying a treadmill, you have to ensure that the treadmill has the calorie counter so that you can effectively keep good track of the progress that you make while training. You can use internet feature of the treadmill to keep track of the progress that you make on amount of calorie burned.